We recycle polyethylene and polypropyle producing recycles granules.
Our main products are:


  • LDPE Natural
  • LDPE White
  • LDPE Blue
  • LDPE Dark
  • LDPE Black


  • HDPE Natural
  • HDPE White
  • HDPE Blue
  • HDPE Dark
  • HDPE Black


  • PP Natural
  • PP White
  • PP Dark

These materials can be had in other colours as well, subject to availability.

Most of modern made parts and artefacts are made using some type of plastic.

It is a very durable material that does not degrade easily, thus many people regard it us environmentally not friendly.

The truth is that contrary to common belief, this durability and longevity makes t very environmentally friendly, since it can be recycled and reused several times.

The key is proper recycling and reuse of materials, participating in a circular economy model.

When something usable is thrown away, it will pollute.

When something is properly recycled and reused, not only it will not pollute, but it will help preserve natural resources, energy and will create more affordable products in the process.

Why recycling?

hdpe recycle
ldpe recycle
pp recycle


Polyethylene and polypropylene, which we recycle, are two of the most commonly used material, especially for flexible packaging.

The recycled resins we produce can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from garbage bags, to irrigation pipes to general use film, canisters and crates among others.